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Hello, my name is John Turner and I am the President of Southern Palm Insurance.  I am a native of Florida born and raised in Miami Dade County.  I attended Christopher Columbus High School and graduated in 1986.  Upon graduation I attended the University of South Florida in Tampa Florida and graduated with a Finance degree in 1990.


I started my insurance career in 1989 working for a local State Farm agent in Tampa Florida while I was completing my undergraduate studies.  I returned to Miami after graduating college and began to work for my Mother who currently is still a State Farm Agent in Miami, Fl.  My father was also in the insurance business and retired in 1994 after a decorated career as a prudential insurance Agent.  My Father taught me the art of selling insurance and always reminded me to never leave your office unless you have returned all your phone calls.  Dad has an infectious personality and a great story teller.  I remember as a kid that many of his clients were present at family parities and holiday events.  Selling insurance is about establishing a lifelong relationship with your customers.  I continued my insurance career working as a sales producer at my mother’s State Farm insurance agency.  Mom taught me the value of sound product knowledge and to pay close attention to details.  She was concerned less about sales and more focused on protecting her customer so they were adequately insured at the time of an unfortunate loss.  In the early evening of August 24, 1992 hurricane Andrew reached our coast and destroyed our families home.  I quickly learned all the values both my parents taught me regarding the insurance world.  Our family quickly rented a townhouse 1 block from my mother’s State Farm office and we proceeded to work countless hours for the next two years helping our customers rebuild their homes and restore their lives.  Never was I more proud to be an insurance agent.  I could go on for hours talking about heartfelt stories of customers who showed so much gratitude and appreciation as we helped everyone of them settle their insurance claims.  The two things I remember the most after hurricane Andrew hit our city; First, I was overwhelmed by how much food our customers brought to our office while we worked every night late into the evening helping our customers settle their claims.  Second, I will never forget all the countless tears that dripped from my customer’s eyes as we wrote them checks from our office for temporary funds so they could find a hotel to stay in or an apartment to rent as they started the painstaking process of rebuilding their lives.


In 1998 I left State Farm and opened up my own Allstate insurance agency.  I chose Allstate because at the time I was loyal to the idea of being a captive insurance agent representing just one insurance company.  I enjoyed a 15 year successful career as an Allstate agent.  My primary focus was Auto and Homeowners insurance.  However, the Florida market change drastically as companies continued to reduce their exposure and presence in Florida due to hurricane exposure.  I started to focus my marketing efforts on Commercial insurance and other P&C products such as boats, motorcycles, RV and condo and renter insurance.  However, the market continued to change and it became more difficult to meet the needs of my customers representing just one company.  On September, 1 2011 I made the difficult decision to sell my Allstate insurance agency and open a new independent insurance agency represent many different carriers.  I made this choice so I could better serve my customers by providing more options.  On January 1, 2012 Southern Palm Insurance opened its door to provide exceptional service to its customers.  Though our agency is relatively new, it is rich in product knowledge and two generations of insurance experience.  Our Agency represents preferred standard carriers and we always have an option for our customers.


The insurance world has changed dramatically in the last 20 years.  Technology has replaced the hand shake and the 5 to 6 daily appointments with fax machines, email, scanners, internet and credit cards.   However, at Southern Palm Insurance we still sell insurance the old fashion way.  It starts with a relationship first.  We don’t sell your insurance policy in 15 minutes like many other companies advertise.  Your investments are worth much more than 15 minutes.  We take the time to evaluate all your insurance needs and provide professional advice so you are properly insured at the moment of truth (when you suffer a loss).  Today customers have more options than ever before.   But at Southern Palm Insurance we feel that the customers have less choices of quality than ever before.  Too many insurance companies sell insurance on the internet or from a call center.   Our agency is equipped with the most state of the art technology so we can efficiently service our customers.  But we are still true to our roots.  We sell insurance based on product knowledge that starts with a relationship that hopefully never ends.


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